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"Sneakin' In - Avichai Ornoy", Jazz Album of the Week, FIP Radio (Radio France)

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Selected as part of 10 international jazz albums for Fall 2016, Les Inrocks magazine

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"...You will recognize his perfect technique, his unstoppable swing and his art to tell us beautiful stories."

(Guillaume Lagrée, Le Jars Jase Jazz)

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"Guest musician, flutist Avichai Ornoy, was a true discovery. The way he emphasizes his phrasing is quite unique. Jazz and Klezmer fans will keep an eye on this virtuoso flutist..offering a breath-taking experience to the audience whilst listening to a dazzling series of extremely fast runs."  

(Beatrice Ehrlich, Badische Zeitung)                   

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"This next album...It's the flautist Avichai Ornoy's album Sneakin' In... I am absolutely loving it"

(Full Circle with Ruth Fisher, 22nd May 2016 @Jazz FM, the UK)


"The culminating point of the evening..a wonderful performance: grand sound, brilliant technique, immaculate attention to detail."

(K. H. Dicht, Kleine Zeitung, Graz)



"But the main reason for enthusiasm comes from the young flutist, Avichai Ornoy… who played by heart with a dumbfounded virtuosity, elegance, sprightliness and profound sensibility. Exceptional."

(Goerge Callician, le Meridional, Marseille)



"The second hour of the program revealed an absolutely amazing very young flutist: Avichai Ornoy… is a performer of grand wingspan, whose name should be remembered. He manifested a perfect mastery of blowing allied with superb musicality and equal elegance."

(Michel Alexandre,le Provençal, Marseille)






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